About Us

The bank established in 2006 as an Iraqi private contribution company according to the companies law no 21 for 1997,according to the certificate of incorporation issued by the registrar of companies no. R.C./2490 in 8/4/2007 and the approval of central bank of Iraq to practice the banking business in its latter no 9/3/2007 in 4/3/2007.

The bank started its business in 8/4/2007. The bank aims his work that does not conflict with Islamic law and make A profit for shareholders and to participate with the risk of the bank in supporting the Economic of our country.

          Total capital of the bank at its inception (25) billion Iraq dinars and increased to (50) billion Iraqi dinars in 3/6/2008 and then to (100) billion Iraqi dinars in 8/8/2010 and aims to increased to (250) billion Iraqi dinars.

          General administration building and the main branch locater in Baghdad (Arrasat Al-hindia) and the bank has (11) branches inside and outside Iraq and the bank will open (2) branches in Maysan  and Nasiriyah after is obtaining the approval of central bank of Iraq.

General banking services

  • Islamic Savings Accounts :
  • Islamic time Deposits Accounts:

Islamic banking

  • Murabaha :
  •  Istis na’a:

Credit projects

We don’t have any Credit projects now

Leasing Company

The company is funded projects, laboratories and factories that produce .