Islamic banking services

Islamic Banking Services


 1)Murabaha :-

         It means that the bank intentionally sale the dollar in a certain amount   for a specific period and for clear and legitimate purpose

(buy goods , complete a building etc..)

The payment will be made on the Iraqi Dinar and the returns which obtained resulting from the sales process with the payment of Murabaha .  

2)Istis na’a:-

     Init the bank finance the employer by his request for the production of a partichlar commodity for price mutually agreed and how to pay it with the knowledge that the bank determines the guarantees for the payment of Istisna’a.


It is a currency investment carried out by the bank as the owner of the money and the investor with a person in need of this money to trade it but must be experienced and honour person . The profit is distributed between the bank and him and the rates agreed upon by the two.

       The loss incurred by the bank and the person loses his effort and his  work

  • Participation

It means the bank and the customer mixed their money in equal or unequal proportion for the creation of a specific project and profits or the loss will be on the two.

  • Leasing

A contract between two parties the bank and the customer to provide the bank for the benefit of a particular commodity and it has two kinds:-

a/ operational leasing :-

The tenant does have the leasted assets.

b/ leasing ending with the Estate sale:-

This is what the company of leasing doing .It buys cares and sell them to the people who want and the guarantees determined by the company.